Monday, May 11, 2009

Quick update

Just a quick little update tonight on both reading & running.  I know I need to work on getting other/more topics covered here but these 2 seem to be the easiest for me to remember and type about.

Reading--I am still waiting for Careless in Red to get accepted, the person has 24 hours and it looks like they will use it.  Not too worried because when I last checked there were still 7 WL for it so one of them should accept.  I started reading 2 other books, Things I Like About America by Poe Ballantine and Rules of Deception by Christopher Reich.  Both are WL books but I plan on keeping Ballantine since there is a NE connection--he now lives in Chadron per his bio in the book & also I really like his writing.  I am still working on Angels & Demons, just passed 100 pages read tonight--finally.

Running--PSR night so I did run, but only 2 miles.  I forgot that it was also registration for next school year's PSR so I quit early to get back and get the registration done.  The plan is to run tomorrow at lunch at work so that would be another 2.25.  There is also talk of doing a 2nd lunchtime run as well this week.  Probably a good idea since I am not sure I would have time otherwise.

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