Sunday, May 31, 2009


I ran the 5k this morning.  Time of 32:45, exactly 1 whole second faster than the 5k I ran in Nov.  I wanted to stay under 33 minutes so happy with that.  I was actually able to run the whole thing without a walk break.  My garmin showed my time at 32:39 and the distance around 3.28, so if true that just means more room for improvement.  

It was a small race maybe 70 or 80 runners and walkers only.  I liked it that it was small & that it was only a 5k so it was over quickly or so it seemed.  I will have to check out some race calendars to see if anything interesting is coming up.  I would like to go longer but maybe shorter races where I can improve my speed might be more beneficial.  Will just have to see on this.

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