Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rules of Deception--#30 finished

I am moving into uncharted territory for myself now.  Last year for the whole year I read 30 books.  Now May is not even over and I am at 30 for the year.  I know a lot of it has to do with my reading 2 to 3 books at a time and throw in the whole PBS thing but I am not sure that those two things are enough of an explanation for it.  Oh well, it really doesn't matter because I have really been enjoying the books that I have been reading.

Rules of Deception is certainly falling into my enjoyable list of books.  There is lots to like about it when I think how it compares to other recent books.  It has a smaller core group of characters which makes keeping track of who is who much easier.  It has a couple of surprises toward the end of the book that I didn't see coming--I kind of hoped on one of them but really didn't expect it.  It was short chapters that really kept the action moving.  It tied things up nicely towards the end and let the book finish.  There are no ongoing characters or a series in this book.  I certainly would recommend it to someone looking for a mystery with some action and spy stuff as well.  Fun read.

By the way it is on the PBS WL so it will probably be moving out to another reader here later this week too.  I also posted Bigger Deal and it should be moving too.  I ordered another Mari Sandoz book last week Cheyenne Autumn and just ordered a 2 for 1 of The Big Question by Chuck Barris and Phi Beta Bimbo since I have more than enough credits sitting around.  Yes Phi Beta Bimbo is a romance type book but it sounded interesting and there wasn't much selection on the person's library & it might be a book my wife would read, well maybe.

I am still reading Avenger and just started Semi True on Sunday night.  I will probably start a 3rd book right away as well, probably a WL book since the other 2 are not.

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