Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May and no post till now

Here it is May 5th and no post until this one.  I guess from looking back on what I have been writing about this year it means I haven't finished a book.  It seems as though that is about 90% of what I type up on here.  Kind of boring stuff, but I guess it is my journal so well there it is.  It is late so I shouldn't be here long but here are a few things.

--Thomas went #2 on the toilet this weekend.  It was Sunday and we were at a church for a First Communion and at the end of Mass he actually asked to go to the bathroom.  Well we had to wait because someone was already there and while waiting he had an accident.  I took him in then and set him down and after making him sit more, out it came.  Lots of positive feedback and stuff followed.  Then a trip to Target for more underwear and shorts which once we got to the house for the reception, he messed them up also.  Oh well take the positives when you can.

--Angie is 4 today.  She had her party on Saturday and today she hit the zoo after school and then dinner at Subway and ice cream.  Good day.

--I am reading Careless in Red by Elizabeth George.  I am 270 pages in and still not that excited about the book.  It is 640 pages or something like that so a long way to go yet.  Some of the characters have possibilities so might turn out alright yet.  Also reading Angels & Demons the Dan Brown book, only 36 pages in so just getting started.  Actually I am putting most of my time into Careless in Red trying to get a big dent into it.  C in Red is a WL book with around 11 people wanting so I want to get it finished & mailed off ASAP.

--Last night during PSR I actually ran 2 miles with both miles under 12 minutes.  I had to hurry because Thomas was going to get to talk into the microphone and I wanted to be there for it & I was.  The run felt good.  I hadn't gotten a run in over the weekend & I knew with Angie's birthday today, Monday had to be a run day.  Tomorrow I am supposed to run at lunch during work--this will be the 3rd week in a row for me, of course weather permitting.

I am sure there is other stuff but I really need to be off to sleep.

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