Saturday, May 9, 2009

Careless in Red--#27 finished

It took a few days but I finally finished a book in May.  Careless in Red is a good book but it did take awhile to get into the flow.  There are many characters and the first hundred or so pages seemed like a new one was being introduced every few pages.  It was confusing, but since it was a mystery that might have been done on purpose as well.  The characters were human in that they had their faults, but some of those faults seemed too far over the top, especially at the end.  

The setting is the southern coast of England, in small tourist/surfing towns there.  The setting was interesting and since I had no knowledge of surfing going on in England kind of surprising.  I am not sure how long it was before I realized the setting was England also but more than a few pages certainly.  

There were several themes running throughout the book.  Dad's forcing a life on their children with some of the dad's/grandfather coming around in the end.  Death especially death by murder.  Religion played a part, several times it was mentioned no one practicing religion anymore, but one of the minor characters in the end is driven to a convent by her grandfather who was previously very much against this idea.  Loneliness and the idea of being alone comes through.  Also broken marriages, divorces and of the marriages that survived, they probably should have been broken marriages.

With the many characters and themes running, it is easy to see how the book ended up at 600+ pages.  Like I said, overall a good book & I am glad that I read it.  It is also a PBS WL book.  It was one's whose WL numbers were dropping so I wanted to get it done so I could mail it off while people still wanted it.  I think there were still around 9 that had it WL & I now I a hold on it waiting for the person to accept it.

This leaves as my only current book at the moment as Angels & Demons.  I have too many books to choose from though for my 2nd book and might even just pick out a 3rd right away also.  Will check these now & maybe have an answer to this in a day or two.

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