Sunday, June 14, 2009

5 miles done

I ran 5 miles tonight after a kind of long day.  It was Buddy Walk day at Forest Park, this is not the ball game day.  It was fun but of course also exhausting.  Thomas is much better than in the past about not running off, about waiting in line and things but he is still a handful.  There was a 1 mile walk, no big deal, except Thomas didn't want to walk any of it.  I put him down and forced him to walk 3 different times but they ended up being very short.  So for about 90% of the mile I carried Thomas in arms, back or finally at the end on my shoulders.  It was a good workout for me.

After mowing the back yard and cutting so long hanging branches from my neighbor's walnut tree and some other general yard work and after running a couple of errands with the kids, I went for a run.  It was a nice 5 mile run.  It started something around 12:03, then 11:15(no walk break), then 12:23, then 11:35(maybe?), and then a 14:03 but that last mile was off.  I think it was more likely a 12:45 but I think it ran long.  Oh well the time wasn't that important.  Tomorrow is the weigh-in a biggest loser contest at work.  I should be around 15 pounds down, if the scales are working correctly.  Not sure if that is enough to win, but still happy with it.  I hope to wake up early and do a quick 2 or 3 miles before work also.  I don't think there is anyone in the contest running away with their weight loss so if I can do 15+ pounds I could actually win this or at least be close.  We will have to see.

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