Monday, June 8, 2009

The Spy with the Silver Lining--#34 finished

It was a quick read, as far as the good news.  It really wasn't very good though.  No surprises, one dimensional characters, cheesy overall plot, characters that were "the best" compared to everyone else in the world.  Just not a very good book.  It has some soft sex scenes but even those were pretty much no detail and a lot of alluding to stuff.  I really can't say much good about this book.

Now why did I read this book.  First I guess I should answer how I ended up with the book in the first place.  It came to me from one of the Book Bazaar deals I got through PBS--I think it was a 3 for 1.  There wasn't much else on the person's bookshelf that I wanted so I figured I would order it.  When I got it I saw there were only 8 other copies on the system so there is a chance this book could be ordered in the next few months or so, but I would have to get it on my bookshelf first.  Well, I figured I would read it quick and do so and that is how I did it.  Now I did put it on the bookshelf once I started reading it and that probably had something to do with finishing it instead of just chucking it midway through.  Like I said it was a quick read so that certainly helped things.

I am now just reading Apex Hides the Hurt and have just read the into into The Life of Pi.  Not sure if I will be picking out a 3rd book yet or not.  I want to finish Apex before vacation and hopefully get it mailed off, so I might just stick with the 2 books for now.

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