Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adriane on the Edge--#36 finished

In the last book I finished I was kind of fed up with the whole idea of quirky characters, but in Adriane I found a quirky type character that was also sympathetic and engaging. It seemed like in parts of the book she was trying to cultivate within herself and new her but struggled mightily. Her unfortunate background with both parents committing suicide but only really loving her father, really put her behind the 8 ball and the author really brings this out in some of the chapters.

Some of the chapters were really very good and I almost wish he would have continued more on what happened there, like her piano playing or what her job was about or her poker playing group. Instead the later part of the book put her into very unusual situations that I don't think really fit with the rest of the book. The orgy chapter or the chapter where her dog bites her ear off or the final chapter where she travels to India to attempt a reincarnation of her dog, Barry. Very weird stuff that was still sort of entertaining and developing of the character just didn't seem to fit with some of those earlier chapters.

Overall a good read, liked it more than I thought I was going to, even with those weird chapters. I have posted it on PBS, I think there are 3 books ahead of it though, so it probably won't move very quickly, maybe by the fall. Now reading The Wheatfield about a couple of murders in Wisconsin back in the 1960s that the lead investigator is talking about in the 90s(I think) after he retired. Not too bad so far. Have a few that I am looking at for book 2 but nothing picked out yet.

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