Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Now Reading

I am still working on Avenger by Forsyth but only have 11o pages to go.  Maybe this weekend or early next week.  I started Apex Hides the Hurt a couple of days ago but have only gotten 10 pages in, it is my WL book I am reading.  

I also started a 3rd book, The Spy with the Silver Lining, this is more of a romantic suspense/spy novel.  It is an easy read, already 75 pages in and just started last night, but talk about just not very good.  It is kind of embarrassing to be reading it at the same time as a Forsyth novel, there is just no comparison at all.  Now I do admit that I am not the target audience of a romantic suspense novel, but still I figured it would be decent at least.  I will keep at it though.  There are only 8 other copies of this book on the PBS system so I wanted to get it read and hope someone requests it in the next month or so.  I just received this book yesterday as part of a 3 for 1 deal from PBS, oh well the other 2 books should be okay at least.

I am waiting to 2 people to accept books that I posted, I already have 1 other book accepted and then I will mail out all 3 books.  These 3 books will get me to 18 credits.  I am holding off on ordering any more book bazaar deals on PBS until I am back from vacation.  I don't want any books being mailed here while I am out.

I have been stopping in the libraries some these last few weeks and the selection is really down.  I am guessing with it being summer, they just aren't selling as many right now.  I am figuring on summer being the busy season at the library so keeping extra copies around then is probably the idea.  I hope the good sales come back because this is where I am getting most of my good books that are earning me credits at PBS.  I guess I could look elsewhere, but they will not be cheaper than I find at these libraries.

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