Sunday, June 14, 2009

Apex Hides the Hurt--#35 finished

Apex is an interesting book about a marketing naming specialist who after a bad time in life takes a job to name a town.  The premise is interesting the characters are kind of interesting but somehow for me it just didn't seem to come together.  It is a short read of 212 pages which was good because that itself probably helped me stay at it longer.  I understand it was more of a satire about how marketing has almost replaced part of our consciousness which is a scary proposition as well.  To me I guess I just didn't quite get that from the book at least in any believable way.

Maybe this is one consequence of reading more than I had in the past.  In the past the sometimes quirky characters seemed more interesting, now after reading quite a bit these last few months, quirky characters just don't seem to bring it anymore.  Maybe not, but something I will consider going forward as well.  Apex is a WL book and I have already listed it and it has been accepted.  I will be mailing it out later this week, yeah.   Once it gets delivered and the one other book that I mailed last week gets delivered, I will be sitting on 20 credits.  Since I will be out of town the following week, I am not ordering anything right now, unless one of my WL books comes up which almost never happens--only once so far.

Now reading Adriane on the Edge, not too sure about it but will probably keep at it.  I was also planning on reading The Life of Pi but I think it will wait till later and I will grab something else.  There are a few I should probably be reading while they are still on WL but I will see, I am thinking an easy Grisham or something as most likely.

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