Monday, June 29, 2009

End of month stuff

I am finishing off June with an end of the month stuff post.

--Vacation to northern MN was great. We missed out on a very hot week here in St Louis & got to enjoy some great weather there. The fishing was okay, the northern pike were hitting, the perch and walleye a little and the sunfish not at all. The kids were good, the food was good, all in all a very good vacation. It is hard to describe how nice it was being able to ride around on the lake in great weather on a boat, being able to also fish was just gravy. Also could really see the stars late at night.

--Didn't run the whole week of vacation and several days leading up to it. I did run last night, got in 4 miles, slow. Hope to get another run or two in this week also. I think I have Friday off because of the 4th holiday so hopefully with a long weekend should get 2 more runs this week.

--I am reading now 4 books. I started The Death of Common Sense before vacation and read it during vacation & still have around 70 pages to go. It is non-fiction and the writer bounces around a lot, but is interesting but slow reading. When I finished The Wheat Field, I started reading Polar Star by Martin Cruz Smith who also wrote Gorky Park which I read many years ago, probably before I started keeping track of what I read. Tonight I started 2 others, The Au Pairs, a teenager chic type book, not really sure why I am reading it other than a change of pace and it has girls in bikinis on the cover. I will probably keep this one in the basement, don't want to have to explain why reading it. I just got it today with about 7 other books from the library for a whole $2.75. It is a hard copy and there are no hard copies listed on PBS but it is also not on any WL. I figure read it quick and post it, it should move quick or at least eventually. Finally, I started reading The Last Oracle, not really sure what it is about yet except something about an end of times book. It is a WL book but it has been steadily dropping in number of WL so it is time for me to read it so I can still get it mailed out eventually.

--I just ordered the 5th book in the Clan of the Cave Bear series or whatever that series is called. I have to give that series partial credit for getting me back to reading, they kind of hooked me in. So in a few weeks I will have another book stacked in my room that I don't have time to read, oh well. This was a book bazaar order so I have a 2nd book coming as well.

--Almost no movement on my WL books, oh well, I have enough books to read already. I was away from the computer during vacation and was hoping that one of my WL books would come in so I would at least have a book coming to me. All of my books have been delivered so I had no pending transactions until I just ordered the above book.

--More lawnmower problems tonight but I found the part I need so I will try to fix it tomorrow night. I might still have a problem with the fuel tank leaking, I doubt it is related to the broken spring but I can hope.

Well enough for now, time to go to sleep.

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