Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Death of Common Sense--#38 finished

How the Law is Suffocating America is the secondary title of the book. A good and interesting read about how basically bureaucrats or the bureaucracy needs to be reformed where the bureaucrats actually make decisions rather than just forcing a long and far to complicated process on people. It makes several good points along those lines throughout the book in areas of government contracts, school systems, healthcare, etc.

My only real complaint about the book is that it seemed to be to haphazardly put together. Lots of good examples and stories and quotes but too much jumping around from topic to topic. This made it harder to stay interested in the book because while good points were made it never seemed like a very strong argument was done. Seemed as if too many thoughts or ideas were left half finished, at least to me. Overall though I am glad that I read it. Not sure if I will post this book or not yet, might want to try and pass off to someone else instead, there are already 25 copies or so on PBS so if I post it, it will not be moving for a long while I would guess.

I am still reading Polar Star, only about 80 pages in so I need to spend some more time at this book but I could always say that too. The Au Pairs I am a little over 150 pages in so right around halfway done. It is a quick read and I am looking to finish it up in the next few days hopefully. I have also just started The Last Oracle. This is one of those PBS WL books that has been dropping in the number of people wanting the book so I would like to get it finished and mailed while people still want to read it. These 3 books are probably enough for right now, Au Pairs should be the next one done so maybe after it I will find another to read.

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