Sunday, July 12, 2009


I had run last Monday night 3 miles. I remember though not feeling well going to the park after work and almost forgetting about it but figuring to go for it anyway. Well it was a terrible 3 miles and afterward I went home feeling sick and getting the chills. I felt bad and overall just worn out for the next couple of days as well. Thursday we did Raging Rivers--a water park. We were there from 10:30 am to after 5 pm, a long day, but I actually felt okay there and afterward. Saturday was a busy day of the rescheduled 4th of July parade where I rode my bike with my daughter. I also rode and extra mile and 1/2 or so getting there from home and then rode home afterward with my daughter. So while I didn't run Saturday I did at least do a little low stress biking. Saturday night Thomas had his Challenger baseball All Star game, where he received a medal or his courage as he said--he is on a Wizard of Oz kick & that is what the Lion receives. Thomas was out of sorts there, he really didn't like it, I think the large crowd had something to do with it as well as who knows what else. So I definitely got a good workout in there too.

All of this then brings us to today, Sunday. I went for another run finally. I got 3 miles in, the first at 13:05 and second at 13:50. The third started well, I seemed to get into a rhythm finally but after about .25 I heard a large boom and saw a cloud of black smoke come out of a large engine type thing at a government building and I saw flames from inside a shed right next to that. Well I picked up my pace and went around to the front of this very large building and eventually saw a security guard to notify. I finished that last mile--only needed my last .1 and then drove back around. The fire was out and the guard was calling it in to whoever had to come & check it out. My good deed of the day. Anyway my last mile was something like 12:10--I ran faster than that but also had some time in banging on the fence and then talking to the guard too. I should get a run in at work this week and will see about something after work also.

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