Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Polar Star--#41 finished

A very good book, I really enjoyed it. The author Martin Cruz Smith also wrote Gorky Park, that I had read many years ago--sometime around college. Polar Star is a followup on the investigator from Gorky Park, Renko. Renko was kicked out of the Communist Party and had stayed about one step ahead of the KGB or whichever police type group in the USSR that was after him. He made it to Siberia where he was just trying to get lost for a while and gets on a fishing boat the Polar Star. A murder occurs and he is given the task to investigate what happens.

It is a clever read with several twists and interesting characters. It also gives good insight into the Soviet mindset at the time from the perspective of the different characters. Throw in some spying stuff and it is all good. Like I said, I really enjoyed the book.

It is an older book, published in 1989 and there are already something like 100 copies on PBS so I am not expecting this book to move. No problem though, it will be a good one to post in case I run a deal sometime, it could be the type of book someone would want at that point.

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