Monday, July 6, 2009

The Au Pairs--#39 finished

Well I finished up the Chic Lit/Teen Girl book. Not a bad read, just light and fluffy. I hope that the portrayal of the characters is over the top, but unfortunately it is probably not. The whole Hampton's lifestyle is something I just cannot imagine or desire to even be part of it. Talking about teen girls nearly finished with high school thrown into the mix, is really scary for a dad of 2 daughters, at least much younger still.

I really have not been impressed with the Chic Lit books I have read this year, they really portray women as desperate to find a man but also really stuck on doing what is popular. I really hope the messages from these books doesn't sink in but is instead enjoyed as the fluff it is. Oh well like I said if not taken seriously at all it is not a bad read. Short chapters and easy to follow characters, like I said an easy read.

It will be getting posted on PBS now, I think there was 1 person who had it on their WL last I checked so maybe I will be able to mail it out this week. If not I think it should still move within the next few weeks.

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