Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Big Question--#42 finished

This is supposed to be a modern day reality/game show book where contestants are asked questions and work their way up on a final contestant. The final contestant then gets 1 question where if answered correctly they win $100 million, if the answer incorrectly they are executed. I actually thought the premise of the book was good and expected it to be interesting. The back cover of the book made it sound like it would be funny. Unfortunately it was neither interesting or funny. Not rotten but not very good either. Oh well, not everything I read is going to be that good.

The characters were many and seemed just slapped together haphazardly. Throw in mob problems, ex-convicts, hooker, redneck, etc it was hard to really care about anyone in the book. Disappointing because the story idea could be a decent one, but this book did not do the idea justice.

This is a book that I received from PBS & will now be listing it on PBS. There are no other copies in the system so hopefully I will be able to mail it off eventually.

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