Thursday, July 30, 2009

D is for Deadbeat--#45 finished

This is another Kinsey Millhone book. It is a good read, like all of these books that I have read so far. I have not read these in any kind of order and it has sometimes been a few years between the books as well so I might be missing some things in an overall storyline but each book by itself seems to stand well on its own. This being one of the earlier books, obviously, the secondary or returning/recurring characters are few compared to the later books I have read. I did a quick glance through my Books Read lists & don't see where I have read her A, B or C books yet. Probably should go back and read them. I know I have a few others sitting on my shelves right now also.

Like I said earlier, or wanted to, it is a good read. A good mystery with good step by step detective work being done. I think I probably need to get my hands on those earlier books and then try to introduce this series to my wife, I think she might enjoy it.

I don't think my copy is going to get posted on PBS, the cover is a little rough. Might put it as an unpostable or just hold onto to see if Debbie interested or for the free table at the school booksale this Fall. I just got a request for 2 books on my Posted list, this will take me to 22 or 23 credits. My WL is really not moving much at all but since I already have a ton of books to read, I am not looking to add more to it right now. I might start looking in the Book Bazaar for a deal to use a credit or two but that is probably it for now.

I started reading Popco but only around 40 pages into the 500 page book--long way to go. Not sure yet what my 2nd book will be, have a couple looking at and might start a 3rd book as well.

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