Saturday, June 6, 2009

Avenger--#33 finished

Avenger is a good intelligent read by Forsyth.  It is kind of fun to read his books because there is a lot of good interesting info stuffed inside a spy kind of story.  In my last post I mentioned I am reading another suspense novel and really there is no comparison, the Forsyth novels are just much better.  Of course the other suspense novel is more of a romance suspense book and that is probably part of the reason it is just not very good to me.

The book starts in Vietnam then the US, moves to the break up of Yugoslavia and wanders through UAE and then South America with smaller stops in Central America and Europe.  Like I said fun stuff.  Forsyth also tied this story into the terrorists attacks on 9/11.  I don't know if I have another Forsyth novel sitting around to be read, but since I had just finished the Afghan, I will probably take a break from him.  Returning I guess if others just disappoint.  I will probably be looking for some of his other novels on PBS though.

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