Monday, June 15, 2009

The Contest

Well it looks like I am close in the weight loss contest at work.  I lost 19 some pounds for a 10.4% but someone else has lost 22 some pounds for a 10.5%.  No payoff to 2nd or 3rd, it is winner take all.  I don't know if everyone weighed in yet though since no winner was announced.  Even without winning though it is probably a very good use of $10, losing 19 pounds is worth it.

I did get up and run 3 miles before work also today since it was weigh in day and all.  So a good amount of my weight loss is water weight but I know I have also very much improved my running endurance as well.  Enough that I am actually thinking about a fall run like a 1/2 marathon or something.

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