Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hot and Bothered--#55 finished

Surprisingly this was actually a pretty good book. I enjoyed the characters and liked the funny descriptions of how the lead character sees things. It is a story about a divorced woman trying to get her life together while raising her 2 kids. Her ex is still in the picture and takes his turns with the kids, so as a dad not so bad, but as a husband he failed cheating on her for several years before the marriage was ended. She does not really know who she is or what she should be doing with herself. A situation that seems to be common I would think, but unlike most women, she has her ex paying alimony so money is never a problem in the book.

Again though this book has some serious working through the problem type things going on, but mostly this is light-hearted kind of fun book to read. It has a happy ending and even her kids seem to turn around and like her too. I guess that ending is a little fluffy but was expected. A good read and certainly the best of any of these so called "romance" or "womens" type books I have read this year.

There were already a couple of copies on PBS so it is now on my Posted List, I would guess a couple of months or so. It should move since like I said it is a good clever book.

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