Monday, September 7, 2009

Stolen Innocence--#53 finished

This book is about the FLDS, the fundamentalist Morman sect that still believes in plural marriage with most or at least many members living on compounds. It is a moving and very hard to comprehend book. I am still basically shocked to have read how these people let themselves be controlled by a few heads or one prophet. The brainwashing that goes on should be a crime in itself. I really cannot understand why there wouldn't be some kind of revolt, but I guess these are people raised from early on to only be thinking about the afterlife and not what this life is about. It is a really sad story, but also uplifting in the sense the author and many in her immediate family were able to get out.

I am still having a hard time understanding how the author's parents got involved in this whole thing, they were practicing Mormans and one of their sets of parents looked into the FLDS and that is what caused them to do so also. I just don't understand how a person with a college degree like their dad was able to be suckered into this organization and stay in it for the rest of his life especially watching all of the bat-shit crazy stuff going on. I just cannot comprehend that. I kind of understand those that are 3rd, 4th, 5th etc, generations of people involved in this, they don't know any other life and are brainwashed into thinking everything outside of FLDS is evil. I just don't understand how someone could join up unless they were sick people looking for plural marriages or underage girls or something along those lines.

It is certainly a moving book or maybe more like shocking in that I just cannot understand the mind sets in the book. I am glad that I am passing it on because more should know about what the reality is within this movement. I remember the news of the raid in Texas, same group FLDS. I also remember being somewhat sympathetic to them because it is their life to live, but now I see it is a brainwashed cult and the leaders deserve no sympathy. Maybe the individuals, like women and children but certainly not the leaders. I will be sure to follow this group in the future.

This is a WL book and I have already posted it, just waiting for it to be accepted. I have also received a request for the Johnny Cash book I had just finished reading too so I will be mailing some books out this week.

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