Friday, September 4, 2009

Run Thursday & Reading Update

Well, it was over a week but I finally got a run in--does this sentence even make sense, oh well. On Thursday Rose had VB practice and I was able to go to the nearby park to run. I did 5 laps which made a total of 4 miles. My times were pretty consistant as well, I think they were 12:23, 12:22, 12:11 and 12:33. I am very happy with these times. With a 3 day weekend now, I hope to get 2 runs in at least.

Crows Over the Wheatfield timed out on the first person's WL so it went to the 2nd person who immediately accepted it. That person is in Hawaii, my first book going to that state, kind of exciting in a nerdy mapy PBS sense. It was mailed with 2 others books. Once all delivered I will be up to 25 credits. I don't really want to order more books though because I already have so many that I need to read but I will still probably check out the Book Bazaar for deals anyway.

I am still reading Stolen Innocence, a book about a girl raised as a FLDS--the Morman sect that still believes in plural marriages & was forced to marry at age 14. So far this book just makes you sick in the brainwashing going on and you just want to slap the adults until some sense kicks in.

Also reading Climate of Fear a book that is actually published lectures of Wole Soyinka about basically terrorists and other governmental and as he says quasi governmental groups acting in the world. Kind of interesting but also pretty dry, but making my way through it.

Finally I am also reading Hot and Bothered, a kind of funny romantic type of thing. It is one of those books that I am keeping in the basement, don't really want to take upstairs and have everyone see that I am reading it, again kind of embarrassing. So far, and I am only 70 some pages in, it is a much more clever and actually funny book than the other romantic type books I have read earlier this year. I will have to see if this continues through to the end though.

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