Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Ride of a Lifetime--#59 finished

Wow, 59 books read so far this year, that still just shocks me when I see it and actually take a minute to realize what that means. Oh well, I won't type all that up now since it is still Sept & who knows what the final end of the year number will be, I am sure I will wax poetic on it more then.

The Ride of a Lifetime was a book I almost didn't read, it is about the Orange County Choppers that also has a TV show about making Choppers--customized motorcycles. I watched very little of these shows and what I saw was a bunch of arguing by guys with a lot of tattoos. The final end product bikes were neat looking but since I am not a bike guy, I didn't spend much time watching this show. I picked up the book thinking I would just mail it off since it is a very new book, only published in Spring of '09. I eventually though gave in and decided to read it. On page 34, there is one sentenced underlined which makes in unpostable on PBS so it will have to send it with another book to make it go away, oh well that happens.

Kind of funny though because I almost didn't read it and probably would have never caught that underlining, of course the next person that got the book would have been stuck with it or moved it when they shouldn't so ethically it all worked out.

As far as the book itself, not earthshattering and really nothing special at all in the book. It was kind of about his life, but the real focus was on giving advice to business owners based off his life experiences. I really didn't care for this book much at all. His advice that he repeated about a thousand times throughout the book as be passionate about what you do, hire good people, don't sell out and plenty of other cliches that are basically common sense. I would have enjoyed a biography more, his advice was just not very interesting. So why did I keep reading it, well it was only 173 pages and had short chapters and even inside the chapters had short segments. In other words it was a pretty easy read, easy to put down and pickup while doing other things. Unless you are a fan of the show, I don't think you will enjoy this book much. Now it does have some nice photos in the middle of the bikes they made, some are pretty cool so I guess there is that too.

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