Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bleachers--#25 finished

It only took about 4 maybe 5 days and Bleachers was finished.  This is the John Grisham book about a former high school football star returning to the small town he played at when his head coach was dying.  I nice quick read, nothing great but for the most part enjoyable.  I played high school football so there was a connection I could make with the players but the head coach was more than a little over the top hard core.

I was kind of nice to read something a little different than a lawyer story by Grisham but he did seem a little out of his element here.  I am sure it was done of purpose but obviously not all kids this guy coached ended up as success stories.  There is the former star in jail & will be for a long time, another close to jail running a chop shop that everyone knows about.  There are also the success stories with the openly gay guy in the small town and a deseg kid that is now a politically powerful minister.  Again it all seems just a little too convenient but I guess that is what people want from Grisham stories.

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