Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Memory Keeper's Daughter--#21 finished

First off, I enjoyed the book, while of course I had an attachment to read it with the daughter having Down Syndrome.  The story wasn't really about the daughter so much as the bad decision of the dad, David at the beginning and his inability to ever try to correct it.  I think the author did an very good job of showing how that one decision affected everyone's life and mostly for the bad.  I think she presented the characters as very believable though too, each with the faults as well as their positives.

It is not a book about Down Syndrome but rather a story with an important character with Down Syndrome.  Like I said though it is a good read overall.  We have the Lifetime movie DVRed and waiting to watch, but I wanted to finish this book first before seeing the movie.

There are around 1950 copies of this book already listed on PBS so I will not be listing my copy--no reason to let it sit there for years.  I think my mom might want it so I will probably pass it along to her and others I know that might want it instead.

Right now I am reading The Half Life of Stars by Louise Wener and Bigger Deal by Anthony Holden.  Both are WL books but only 1 or 2 people want them so I need to finish them up & get them listed.  I will probably get a 3rd book started in the next couple of days also.  Many books to read, just need to decide which ones.

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