Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Cold

My wife caught a cold last week and I was lucky up to a point in not catching it.  That point came Monday.  I don't know if my defenses were down because we had a long busy day with Easter or if it was because I stayed up way too late--something like 2am or later.  Monday came & the cold became part of me.  Monday was the worst of it.  I was off work anyway on Monday so no problem there.  Tuesday was better but it was at work and Wed & Thursday have been improvements as well.  

It is frustrating though because I got my 6 miles in on Saturday, but haven't been able to really run since then.  Tuesday I did the walking track at the community center for 1 mile and tonight I worked out some and did 1 mile on the TM.  I am hoping Saturday to be able to get a decent run in, but will just have to see.

I received my books from a 4 for 1 order from PBS.  I ordered A Lost Lady by Willa Cather and also received An Untold Story--about the Roosevelts, Canterbury Tales and L is for Lawless.  I have started reading L is for Lawless, I like these books and it has been a while since I have read one.  I am no where near reading them in order though so I am probably missing some things as well, but still fun reads from what I remember.  I am still working on Bigger Deal, just passed 100 pages read and The Afghan, at 145 pages read.  Neither book was really holding my attention much so that is why I started the 3rd book.

I also mailed out 2 other books this week for PBS, the Chianti Guide book and a Shreve book I had bought not wanting to read, thinking it would be on WL.  It wasn't on WL but only took a month or so before it went.  I will be at 14 credits once all my books get delivered and I am also waiting on 2 other orders to come to me.  I have too many books right now, I really don't want to order any more, but will probably still check to see if any deals are out there.  I have an Ann Rice book coming along with another one and the other order is for The Davinci Code and the first 2 Harry Potter books.  With the weather getting nicer, I know finding time to read will be harder to come by as well.

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