Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Half Life of Stars--#22 finished

I was greatly surprised about this book, I really enjoyed it.  It had quirky characters and a good general story line.  I should probably be looking for other books by this writer, it was a clever book.  It was also the case where the characters actually grew somewhat through the book, they were not defined and never changed.  I have to admit that I didn't have big expectations with this book, I was worried it was more Chic Lit instead of straight fiction.  It was certainly not Chic Lit, but instead an interesting read.

Part of the reason I choose to read this book was because it was only on 2 WL at PBS so I wanted to get it read so I could mail it off.  I have posted it & just waiting it to be accepted before I send it out.  I did order 5 books today with only using 2 credits.  First I order Cry to Heaven by Ann Rice and then a book called The Zero Game--Cry to Heaven sounded interesting & I guess The Zero Game did too, but don't know the author so will have to see.  Then I also ordered Nicholas & Alexandra and got 2 free books with it--Godfather Returns and The Notebook.  I really wanted N&A and struggled to pick 2 other books from that person's list.  

I am off work Monday & have a few things that I would like to get done but will have to see.  I will probably be picking out another book to read that is on WLs so I can mail again once it is finished.  I am still working on A Bigger Deal, a poker book & The Afghan, so a 3rd book is not really a priority yet.

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