Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Run in Today

I was able to get a run in this morning of 5.2 miles.  It was again pretty slow, but since I am still getting over my cold I will take it.  The first mile was around 13:30, 2nd around 12:20, 3rd 12:07, 4th around 13:20 and 5th was 13:45 and last .2 was very slow--don't remember pace or time.  Like I said it was slow, but I will take it.  I worked up a very good sweat and spit and blew the whole time.

I was worried that I might being pushing myself too much but I actually was able to get a lot of other things done the rest of the day.  I did the grocery shopping for a couple hours and watched the kids, played outside with them so I was fine in that respect as well.  Not sure if I will get another run in on Sunday or not, will just have to see.

I am still working on my 3 books, all 3 going slowly too.  The Sue Grafton L is for Lawless is kind of fun so far, but every time I start reading it I almost feel guilty for ignoring the others, oh well.

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