Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good Run on Saturday

I got a good run in on Saturday.  I went to a larger park in the area, Creve Coeur Lake Park which has several paths for bikes and runners/walkers.  I was able to do 6.1 miles with an overall average of around 12:45 per mile.  The first and last miles were around 13:10 and the 4 middle miles ranged from 12:50 to 12:12.  All in all very happy with the run, it felt good getting this run in.  I think it helped that I went to a park where the shortest route I would run was going to be 4 miles--no chance of talking myself out of going long.  It was a nice day, chilly but felt great during the run and no real wind.  I also got to see 3 deer as well.  I am off Monday so hope to get some kind of run in then also.

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