Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hunk City--#19 finished

I would have to say disappointed is probably the first thing that comes to mind after finishing Hunk City.  The back of the book endorsements and the inside flap synopsis lead me to think I would be reading an interesting and funny book about the deep south--Louisiana.  Instead there wasn't really any character in the book that I cared about.  I understand character development demands showing characters with their frailties exposed so the reader can better understand each character.  I just didn't find anything redeeming about any of the characters.  

When I was nearly done reading the book, I was explaining this to my wife as, if the writer suddenly exploded a bomb in the city killing everyone, I would be okay at least I am done with this book.  I have some mixed feelings because I have another book or 2 from James Wilcox and right now not sure if I want to even put the time in to read them.  Again I go back to the endorsements that make it sound like he is a very talented writer, but I guess I just didn't see it in Hunk City.

Now I have posted it on PBS & it was still on one person's WL.  I am now waiting for that person I accept the book so I can get it out in the mail to them.  I checked & it looks like they have a small bookshelf & WL so I hope it is still an active account.  The site gives them 48 hours to accept so hopefully I will get a yes/accepted soon.  By the way Snow, Ashes was just requested last night, I think it has been posted for about a month.  It is nice to see some of my other books that have been posted getting picked up.  I am still waiting on The Yellow Sailor to disappear.

No idea yet what the next book will be.  I will be picking another book that is on WL so once I am done I can mail it off.

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