Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nothing much to say but I will type anyway

April is here and that means a new month & needing to get my 10 posts in this month.  I don't really have much to say right now but will run through a few things.

Gave blood yesterday for the American Red Cross.  One of those things I get a good feeling do, kind of doing my part in this world.

Worked out tonight and really struggled with running.  I chalked it up to giving blood yesterday.  I am off work tomorrow so will try again to get a run in.

Reading 3 books right now:  Too Much Tuscan Sun, The Memory Keeper's Daughter and Hunk City.  Really 3 very different books.  Not any one of them seems to be a favorite of mine.  I have an interest in reading the Memory Keeper because of the Down Syndrome child in the book.  The other 2 are just books.  Hunk City seems really strange, but I want to get it done and post it while it is still on someone's WL at PBS.

Bought 7 more books at the library, 5 of them are on WL.  Good haul for $2.75.  Also most of them are books that I might want to read as well.

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