Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fractured--#18 finished

Fractured is a good book, a good detective/thriller type book.  I enjoyed reading about the investigation and the characters in the book.  It is about a high school girl that was kidnapped along with a murder and a self defense murder.  Not a topic I think a parent really wants to think too much about.  I guess this book is part of an ongoing series on the lead detective Will Trent.  I will probably look for other books by this author because I liked it, but not loved it.  A good read overall though.

I have already posted it on PBS because there were something like 6 people that wanted it so I should have it mailed off early this week.  I also bought another copy of Chasing Harry Winston that was on sale at the library.  I figured that would be an easy credit to get since I knew there were over 400 people wanting the book still.  I am racking up credits at PBS.  I just need to get some of these other books read while they are still on Wish Lists over there.

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