Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Slow Short Run

Well, I didn't get a run in over the weekend so I was finally able to run tonight after work.  It was cold, in the 20s with windchill being in the teens.  I thought I had a stocking cap in the car, but my wife thinking it was my son's had taken it inside.  I had an old baseball cap, but that did nothing for my ears.  Anyway, I knew I was only going for a short run so I just did it.  

I did 2.3 miles, first mile was 13:16 and 2nd at 12:49, don't know what the last .3 was, but like I said earlier--slow.  At least I got a run in I figured.  At the end of my run I really noticed my ears were cold and by the time I drove home I had kind of a headache brain freeze thing going.  I just sat on the couch for a while and it got better.  Lesson learned though, no more running in cold without proper clothes.  I could have gone to the community center but I didn't know I was without my stocking cap until I was at my park I was going to run at.

Tomorrow is our first night with a new babysitter that lives close by, I think just a couple blocks away.  My wife & I are going to go to the community center for an hour while she watches the kids.  I think it is somewhere around 7pm, so kind of a weird time--kind of late to not eat dinner beforehand and getting back around 8 is a little too late to eat then.  We will have to see how it goes.  Not sure if I will do running or just some light lifting--probably both if I hand to guess.

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