Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Farther Shore--#17 finished

The same night I finished War & Peace I also finished The Farther Shore by Matthew Eck.  It was a good quick read about a group of soldiers serving in Africa, maybe Somalia the book doesn't say, that get caught inside a city and have to find their way out.  It is a tough read about how rough the situations they get in are.  The soldiers are trying to get out of the city and after their rendezvous fails have to do it on their own.  Once out of the city they are still nowhere near a military base so have to make their way along a road and ocean beach.  A monsoon comes in and they have to hole up before continuing. 

The book really digs into the worsening psychological impacts on each soldier as well as the physical difficulties.  Like I said it is a tough read.  A good read and would certainly recommend to people interested in military stuff especially dealing with Somalia.  I think it is on a couple of Wish Lists over a PBS so I will probably be mailing it off in the next few days.

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