Monday, March 9, 2009


This was MVC tournament weekend.  My parents and my one brother and his wife all came into town for the games.  As I probably mentioned last year, the 4 games in one day is the best day of basketball each year for me.  Creighton was blowing out WSU before letting them back in it at the end.  It took an amazing shot by Creighton guard Woodfox to pull out the victory.  On Saturday, the team kept up it's lousy play and was blown out by Ill St.

The buildup to the championship game was great though, Ill St with very good athletes and waves of players and N Iowa with a solid, unflappable team.  The flashy team vs the old consistant one.  Well it went into overtime before N Iowa was able to pull it out.  Ill St player O Eldridge was amazing though and won the tourney MVP--only 2nd time in MVC history that MVP didn't go to winning team.  

Now Creighton is solidly on the bubble for an NCAA bid.  I am going back and forth believing they will get it, to no chance and they will be going to the NIT.  I really believe they deserve the bid, but the NCAA doesn't like giving out those precious bids to non-major teams.  I hope to be happy come Sunday, but not really expecting it.

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