Saturday, March 14, 2009

Run in

I was able to get a decent but slow run in today of 4 miles.  The first mile was slow--getting to be too normal--13:16, 2nd was around 12:45, 3rd at 12:05 and 4th around 12:15.  I ran my normal park--Woodson Park, which is very flat and no one around.  I am happy with this.  I know I am out of shape and this was just a building block kind of run to get me back into this running thing and shape.

Thursday we did get to the community center for a workout while the new babysitter was watching the kids.  It was only for an hour but that was plenty of time for both of us since our bodies aren't used to doing this workout thing.  We started on the treadmills and I did 1 mile mixed walking & running somewhere around 13:40.  Then I hit some of the machines--mostly for my arms, but did a leg exercise as well.  While Debbie was on the eliptical, I went on the recumbant bike and did that for 10 minutes or so.  I figured a good workout in case I want to try to actually accomplish that whole bike to work thing I talked about last year.

My weekly mileage for running ended up being 7.3, not too bad after too many slacker weeks.  Hopefully I can keep getting 3 runs in a week and get to around 7-10 or more miles per week.

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Kristen said...

Good job sticking with the running. I used to love to run but I have seemed to lose all motivation to run anymore lol