Sunday, April 5, 2009

Too Much Tuscan Sun--#20 finished

Earlier today I worked at finishing Hunk City so I could get it posted & hopefully mailed off.  I wasn't expecting to finish Too Much Tuscan Sun today also, but just seemed to happen, very late today.  This is a travel book by a Chianti tour guide.  It was surprisingly a good read.  At first I was wondering what I had gotten into but the book had a nice flow about it.  Dario Castagno is a professional tour guide that covers the whole Chianti region who decided after several years of doing this to write a book about it.  He is had several interesting clients throughout the years both good and bad.  He stuck mostly to Americans, I am guessing because that is where the book was looking to be sold.

All in all a good read.  It reminded me of Confessions of a Door Whore that I read earlier this year, in that it was short chapters dealing with a person or event and the next chapter just went to something else.  There was no real carryover between chapters.  I think this is part of the reason I kind of liked the book, there was no plot or characters to remember and constantly refer back to, it was all laid out for me/the reader.

Well, I have posted it on PBS of course.  There are already 2 copies posted so this book might not move for a while, but I guess we will see.  This could be one that gets picked up if I ever decide to run a deal too.

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