Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New running shoes and a run

Yesterday, Tuesday I picked up a new pair of running shoes, the same brand and model as before.  Actually it is the 4th pair in a row that I have bought that were Acis Cumulus.  They were around $85 so not too bad as far as running shoes go.  I also got a pair of $8 running socks.  I had my $100 gift credit card from AmFam that I had to use by the end of April so after taxes were included it was used up.

I then went to Tillis Park in Richmond Heights area to get a run in.  I used my old shoes since they still work that way I can double check the new ones at home before running in them.  I got 3 miles in, although it might have been a little longer but my GPS seemed like it wasn't working at a couple of times, I am guessing too many trees in a couple areas.  I was an okay run, first mile was around 12:40, 2nd 14:40 and 3rd back to 12:30 or something like that.  I think you can guess that it was the 2nd mile were I think the Garmin wasn't tracking right, oh well getting the exercise is what is most important at this point.

There is a biggest loser contest at work that I signed up for.  I lost around 2 pounds the first week so all is good so far.  This week though I have already eaten too much a couple of times though so I have to get a little extra running in if possible.  No running tonight but I did mow the front yard and trim some of the bushes, so I will chalk it up to a little exercise at least.  The plan is to run tomorrow at lunch at work so will have to see if that happens or not.  Then tomorrow night is workout time too.

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