Monday, November 16, 2009


Well, I am waiting for the 1 person that has The Louisiana Purchase on their WL. I am not expecting it to be accepted though since that person has no books posted and no other books on their WL. I am guessing just an inactive account so it will just time out & be waiting. I did get another book requested though, The Saffron Kitchen. This is one I recently finished but their were 2 or 3 books in front of it. Well, there are still 2 other books listed and I don't recognize the person requesting so it must be a book that is moving in and out right now. It is headed to Virginia.

I had to run by the library today to return some DVDs we had out and of course checked their for sale table. There really wasn't much there, maybe 20 MMB and some picked over HB books. I found a Harlan Coben book that is about 10 years old or so and since it is buy 1 get 1 free for $.25 per paperback, I picked up a romance novel. The title is Passion Untamed, A Feral Warriors novel, I am sorry but that is almost embarrassing, but I was hoping to move it. I saw that it was a newer book, 9/09 so hoped it would be on WL. It is on 77, so I have posted it and hope to mail with The Saffron Kitchen later this week. I am still stuck with To Seduce a Texan so I have my reminder that not all romance books are good to pickup but at least I will get to mail this one soon.

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