Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Louisiana Purchase--#71 finished

A very good and easy to read book about everything going on leading up to the sale & ratification of the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon and France. I remember learning about some of this in school but no where near the details and the back and forth dealings and intrigue that was going on to get this done. I knew Napoleon was the leader of France at the time but wasn't really aware of his advisors like Tallyrand and others and the amount of influence they had or in fact how little influence they had. Also interesting that Napoleon made the sale to get money to invade Britain but through other circumstances that never happened.

This book also touched on the happenings on Santo Domingo, now a days Haiti and where the French army suffered many losses as well as eventual defeat and how this influenced France's decision to sell the Louisiana territory. I have ordered the first book in a 3 part series about the leader of the blacks on Santo Domingo, should be an interesting read--I already have the 3rd part. More to read but that is a good thing.

This book is on one person's WL so I will be posting it, will have to see if it is accepted or not. I hope if not it still shouldn't take long, but really don't know.

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