Monday, November 30, 2009

Last of the Old Guard--#75 finished

Last of the Old Guard is a nice kind of easy read about a couple of lawyers during the turn of the century into the 1900s. A lot of talk of old money and how things were, but interesting in general. No great amount of detail in the book, it is only 212 pages long, but what detail is there really helps the reader learn about the 2 main characters. I enjoyed it.

I am also surprised to see before the book started, it had listed two pages of books the author, Louis Auchincloss, had written. This kind of surprised me because I am pretty sure I hadn't seen his name before finding this book at a library sale. A prolific writer and I hadn't heard of him at all, seems kind of weird, at least to me. Now I do tend to mostly want to avoid this type of book, ones about the Northeastern, old money class, I just don't have much interest in them so maybe that played a part in not recognizing the author, but who knows. I will checkout other books by him if I see any but I doubt I will seek them out.

This is a book that is on 3 people's WL at PBS. I have one book to mail tomorrow already but if I post this one it could take a few days for it to be accepted. I think I will go ahead and just post it tonight and see what happens, if it is a quick acceptance, it will go out tomorrow. If it takes longer it will be towards end of the week or even next week.

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