Monday, November 23, 2009

Running Stuff

I haven't typed up anything about my running in a while now so here is something. I was able to get in 4 runs last week for around 18 miles in total. I think all but 1 of the miles was under 12 minutes too so seems my speed is improving some or at least my effort is improving some. Saturday I was able to do kind of a long run of 6 miles at Creve Couer Lake Park, that was nice, I do miss the long runs on weekends. Hopefully I can do one of my 7 or 8 mile routes from home again, I haven't done that route in months--maybe almost a year.

I did a nice 2 miles tonight, I would have liked another mile but had to drop something off afterward and Thomas didn't want to be at PSR so I was with him for a few minutes at the beginning. My legs felt stiff and of course I had a hard time breathing on that first mile, 2nd was better but then it was over.

Thursday, Thanksgiving, the parish where the kids go to PSR is having a run, 3.4 miles. I don't understand the distance other than it is at Creve Couer Park and I think that is the distance around the lake the shorter way. I am guessing the people putting it on are not normal racers, but I could be wrong. They are also have a 2 mile walk. The ads in the bulletin about it don't mention a price, just a donation hoped for--will have some cash & maybe grab a couple of canned goods since it is the St Vincent DePaul org putting it on. The weather is probably going to be cold and maybe rainy but it is only 3.4 so should be able to just get it done.

Still thinking about the Frostbite series and also about a marathon in the Spring. Hasn't gone beyond just thinking about both though at this point.

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