Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dog Days--#74 finished

A kind of good political book by Ana Marie Cox, originally from Lincoln, NE--the real reason I bought the book. Have to support my Nebraska writers. I will call it an alright read, parts funny, parts interesting and parts that drug on and others that just didn't seem very much at all. Some kind of tidbits about some behind the scenes stuff going on in DC, but even that wasn't all that interesting, at least to me.

I did enjoy the ending where Melanie takes the high road and gets out of town. Gives you some hope for her to where she might lead a more normal life. The life in DC was not good for her. I do have to say some of the characters were pretty good, the lady campaign manager, Skoloff or something like that, Heather the slut recruited the help out their blog problem were two that seemed to stand out.

I have already posted it on PBS, there are 4 books ahead of mine so there is going to be some kind of wait. I am not sure if Ana Marie Cox has a 2nd book out yet, if not whenever another does come out it will probably help this one to move, or maybe just another election cycle.

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