Friday, November 27, 2009


Well, I got a couple runs in these last 2 days. First, on Thursday, Thanksgiving, I did a run at Creve Couer Park for the St Vincent DePaul at the parish the kids go to PSR. It was a 2 mile walk and a 3.4 mile run. My garmin said it was 3.3, so I think I will believe that. My time was 33:45 or something around there, very happy with my time. I think the average mile was around 10:09 which is very similar to the last two 5ks I ran. There were only 7 or 8 people that did the run portion and maybe 30 or so that did the walk. I came in last of the runners, there was a young boy that started the run but dropped at some point along the way. I did catch a college age girl toward the end but she re-caught me near the finish. I might have been able to punch a sprint in but thought she deserved to finish ahead of me--I am not a big fighter I guess. I have to give her some credit though in that with her in front of me, I did push myself that last mile in trying to catch her, that in itself was worth more than finishing in front or behind her.

Today, I was off work and it was a nice day out so I decided to get a long run in. I went to Forest Park and was going to just do a lap but after 4 miles decided to extend it 2 more miles for 8 total. I wasn't running all that great but I was trying to keep my pace up while running. I was trying to keep a pace below or just around 11 minutes a mile, to do this though meant that I was taking more walk breaks too. I averaged 12:05 for the 8 miles so like I said not very fast in total, I was happy with both the effort in run harder and the effort to go a little longer and do 8 miles. My right leg is a little sore tonight around the knee and just below it, I kind of felt it during the run but thought it was just muscle stuff. I still think it is just muscle stuff but probably won't even consider running tomorrow.

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