Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Assassin--#11 finished

The Assassin is a good covert/undercover type book.  It is kind of like Bin Laden under a different name with a couple of CIA operatives that have a setup to go after him.  I good read, characters do seem to have some life in them, not just a step by step typical thought type characters.  I liked the book and will probably look into other Stephen Coonts books in the future.  

This one is on 40 something Wish Lists at PBS, so I will probably try to list it in the next week or so.  Speaking of my PBS, I already have a request for the last book I listed, The Door Whore.  I certainly didn't expect it to move that fast, but there it is.  I have some credits stored up, so I will probably have to pick out a book or two & order them.

I have a couple of books I am looking at now, I don't have them in front of me so don't have the titles right off hand.  Not sure though, I think I also have a Grisham book around I might just go for for the quick readiness.  

By the by, I tried to get a run in yesterday.  I went to a park I hadn't been too, Endicott Park, no real path there, but I knew they had frisbee golf course.  Well I did the little path & then branched onto the golf course & ran through too much mud.  I gave up and went to a park close to home then for the rest.  That was .70 at the first park & then 1.3 at the second--slow for the whole part.

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