Thursday, February 5, 2009

Don't feel like posting

I just don't really feel like posting but figure I will type for a minute anyway.  Going with my fallback--reading--I am still working on War & Peace, now around 650 pages read.  Also working on October Men still with around 100 pages to go.  No 3rd book yet, but plenty to choose from.

I received my 2nd PBS book, I Claudius by Robert Graves.  It was on Time's top 100 list a few years back and figured a good one to read.  Sounds interesting, about Claudius who takes over after Cauglia(I don't know how to spell his name) in Rome.  It is fiction but I guess maybe historical fiction would be more accurate.  I Claudius and Crazyhorse are both waiting for War & Peace to be finished before I choose one of them.

Last weekend I worked at doing a little remodeling in my book room.  The stairs to the basement are right next to it so I removed a piece of paneling and it looks like there is some space there to be put to use.  I cleaned it up a bit and now I need to figure out how best to use that space.  I also have to move some of my book shelves around as well.  This is a project that will probably be going on for a few months or so.

I ran a couple of times last week at the community center but none this week.  I have had a sore throat and cough so I figured I would kind of take it a little easy this week.  This weekend is supposed to be nice weather so I might look to get out and do a run somewhere--maybe Creve Coeur Lake or Forest Park.

Plenty of other stuff, but that should be enough for now I guess.

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