Tuesday, February 24, 2009


A quick update on Sunday & Monday.  Sunday I actually got a run in, as slow as it was please understand my term "run" is only in the loosest sense.  It was around 5pm on Sunday when I got out and it was cold.  I probably could have used one more layer for my arms but I actually thought it would only be 2 miles so figured I would just tough it out.  I ended up doing 3 miles but the last mile was no problem for the cold because by then I had already warmed up.  The first mile was very slow around 13:55--just under 14 ugly.  The 2nd mile was around 13:05 and the 3rd I think came in around 12:45.  All in all slow but at least got some miles in.

Monday was PSR night but it was also Girl Scout night for Rose.  Her troop went to a regional thing where several troops got together to do an international kind of thing.  So I dropped her off there and then rushed Thomas to PSR, I was a little late getting Thomas there also.  I knew I would be rushed so I just figured I would skip on running/exercising and instead just hit the library looking for books.

I picked up 6 books, which my wife gave me one of those looks for when I got home.  I think she has now realized that instead of me just mailing more books out, I am getting more in order to have some to post.  I also had gotten 3 books in the mail on Monday from a 3 for 1 deal from the PBS message boards.  My wife hasn't really questioned me on this yet, but if she does I think my first answer will be that I am reading more now than in past so I need a larger selection of books to choose from & hope that sticks.  Of the 6 books I bought from the library 3 are very much wanted books, one is on over 900 WL and one on over 500 WL and another on over 250 WL.  The other 3 are not on WL but are also few if any posted so potential is there for them to move as well.  I need to look over them yet to see which ones I will keep around to read, I might keep all 6 but don't know yet.  I did start reading one of them though, Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger, she also wrote The Devil Wears Prada.  It is the one on over 50o WL.  Doesn't seem like one of my normal books, but figured I would give it a try.  I picked it out because I figured it would be one that people wanted and it looks like a quick read so I want to read it & send it.  Did read a few pages in War & Peace also--around 925, but still very far away from the 1400 some pages in total. 

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