Saturday, February 21, 2009

Been almost a week

It has been almost a week since I typed anything down so I figured I should throw together a few short lines.  I am going to continue my trying to get at least 10 postings each month, even if nothing exciting happens.  

I haven't run in the past week, hopefully tomorrow but no promises.  It is cold here.

I am still reading War & Peace, getting close to 1000 pages read.  I am also working on Snow, Ashes.  It is about a couple of friends that grew up together in Wyoming with one living on a ranch & the other kind of an outcast except for his friend.  They shared experiences growing up and fighting in Korea as Marines.  There are underlying issues going on that haven't been answered yet, but so far not too bad of a book.  No 3rd book, but plenty sitting there.

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