Thursday, February 26, 2009

Couple Nice Days

It took a while but there were finally a couple of nice days back to back this year.  Of course they were a Wednesday and Thursday so I and probably most people didn't really get to enjoy them.  I will still take it to mean Spring is coming though.  I think I saw where cold weather is coming back in time for the weekend--that figures.

Girl Scout cookies are in & that means delivery time.  I was able to hand out most at work today with only 4 or 5 people to catch next week.  This weekend will be time to hit all of those houses we hit for orders.  Might be able to do some with the wagon but most will probably have to be with the car, just too many and too much walking to do otherwise.

I am off work tomorrow, but Angie has an MIR scheduled concerning her lack of growth hormone.  Since she is 3 she will be put under for this, everything should be fine, but will feel better when over.  A lot of sitting around and waiting at the hospital, good time to get some reading in.  I did start a 3rd book, The Last Patriot by Brad Thor.  It is on 30 some WL, so I figured it is time to read it so I can mail it off when done.  Still working on War & Peace and other one started is Chasing Harry Winston--kind of a chick book, I won't take it to the hospital because I don't really want to be seen reading it in public.

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