Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Snow, Ashes--#12 finished

Kind of mixed feelings on book #12, Snow, Ashes by Alyson Hagy.  The characters are certainly interesting, not just the main characters but almost every character in the book.  The soldiers they served with in Korea, neighbors and hired hands from growing up, the lady in the trailer that services Adams' needs--it seems they all have interesting stories but we are only given a small glimpse into them.  

I guess I am saying mixed though because, at least to me, there seems to still be too much missing or not explained in the relationships between the main characters Adams, Hobbs and Adams brother & sister as well.  As a reader it seems you are being asked to fill in some of these blanks yourself, which I kind of understand since it is a short novel, there just isn't enough room to have everything spelled out.  I think the timeline where it started as youngsters, early teenagers and then jumped to present day and then Korean War and then '70s and then again to present day might have lead to some of my confusion.  I just kept hoping that the book would give greater insight into some of the conflicts before it got to the finish.

I did enjoy the book though and will certainly be looking for other Alyson Hagy books as well.  I will also be posting it on PBS.  I don't think it is on anyone's Wish List but I also don't expect it to be posted for long either.  I am guessing within 2 months it will be requested.  Of course I also expected The Door Whore to hang around for a while and it was only days before it was being mailed out.

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